Creating a Culture of Innovation through Collaborations with Non-Medical Professionals

Digital Fireside Modules as part of Transformational Education

The PCP Foundation values innovative solutions.  To start a tribe of innovators, the foundation needed to be open to collaboration with non-medical professionals such as digital experts, engineers, architects, and designers, accommodating their valuable insights into how to help the Filipino health community in these challenging times.

One way was through weekly lectures and workshops with its partner, Domingo AI Research Center (DARC) Labs which started in October 2021. DARC Labs is a non-profit organization that aims to use Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Cloud Services to create impactful innovations for the country. 

Topics included were:

  1. Digital Transformation and AI for Healthcare
  2. Digital Innovation and Design Thinking
  3. The Challenges and Joys of Digital  Transformation from a Doctor’s Perspective (Guest lecturer: Dr Beatrice J Tiangco of CARE Philippines, Inc)
  4. How to Start AI Projects in Healthcare
  5. Health Techpreneurship