Adapting to Digital Transformation through Modern Ways of Learning

Digital E-Learning Modules as part of Transformational Education

Digital Literacy has become essential in the time of pandemic.

This need has shown its necessity now that our activities outside our homes and personal interaction with other people are limited. We are forced to isolate ourselves as a health precaution and in the hopes of alleviating the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

As a result, we resorted to using technology as an alternative way to do our usual errands.

Two years have passed, technology has become a staple part of our lives and our society. Classes have shifted online and the work-from-home setup has ingrained itself in the professional world.

With these, our health sector has also adapted from the traditional face-to-face consultations to telemedicine and other ways of delivering clinical services digitally.

Philippine College of Physicians saw this crisis as an opportunity to share digital e-learning modules as part of their vision to transform health education and serve the community.

Its purpose is to upgrade and standardize the digital skills and improve digital literacy of PCP members. This will help the foundation for future digital projects such as digital medicine. Moreover, PCP Foundation acted as a conduit between PCP and the vendor, HealthXPh.

After conducting a survey with 1,632 respondents from March to April 2021, these are the topics to be included in the modules.

  1. Data Privacy Act
  2. Digital Skills/Literary
  3. Telemedicine
  4. Social Media in Healthcare
  5. E-finance
  6. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Specific for doctors, this project shall help innovate their ways of rendering their service to patients. Also, these shall help us realize that our community is also adjusting their ways in accordance with the new normal.

PCPF is now working its way and actively looking for partners to help them succeed in this project and ultimately, serve the community—the Filipino people.