Bridging Leadership

A program that takes a holistic approach to leadership by bridging the gaps in the communities

The Bridging Leadership Workshop produces 16 projects

The Bridging Leadership Workshop is a project that falls under the Transformational Education thrust of the Foundation….

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Bridging Solutions through Effective Collaborations between Health Professionals and Community Leaders

Bridging Leadership Workshops to Enhance Collaborations with LGUs

A powerful vision starts with small goals. PCP Foundation sees the importance of working together and being…

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Dr. Arturo B. Rotor Memorial Awards for Literature

Humanizing Doctors and Patients through Literary Arts

Launching the Annual PCPF – Arturo B. Rotor Literary Awards under Transformational Education

The narratives of doctors and patients—stories featuring the complexities of their profession and stories of illness, shall…

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Digital Fireside Modules

Creating a Culture of Innovation through Collaborations with Non-Medical Professionals

Digital Fireside Modules as part of Transformational Education

The PCP Foundation values innovative solutions.  To start a tribe of innovators, the foundation needed to be…

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Philam Foundation, Inc. and PCP join hands to provide support to the PCP Foundation, Inc’s Bridging Leadership Workshop

Philam Foundation, Inc., the corporate social responsibility arm of AIA Philippine Group of companies, and the Philippine…

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Improved Health Outcomes with Collaborative Efforts

BCYF Partnership in Innovation

Partnerships are necessary agents for progress. Co-creating innovative solutions is one of the strategies of PCP Foundation…

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Supporting Health Innovations through Technology

Telemedicine Project as part of Innovative Health Solutions

As our health landscape continues to adjust to the ever-changing needs of the population, PCPF recognizes the…

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